Dienstag, 18. Juli 2017

Warlord Landsknecht Box - A Short Review

The box arrived today and I just managed to built 3 figs (glue still wet) and to shoot some comparison photos.

At first glance I was impressed: The sprues look like the Perry plastic sprues, i. e. legs and torsos together in one piece but separate heads, arms and gear. The level of detail is remarkable, definitely on par with the Perry plastic figures. They have some nice add-on features like separate purses and feathers.

At second glance I noticed some issues: First, the figures are small. They are smaller than the Perry medieval/WOTR plastics. Second, the arms clothing looks a bit off. The legs have all the puffy and slashy Landsknecht style but the arms are somewhat different. Actually there is only one pair of arms on each trooper sprue that has the typical clothing style associated with Landsknechts. I am by no means an expert but to me the choice for the arms clothing appears a bit strange.

Having assembled 3 figs I just noticed two more issues: On every trooper sprue there are two torso/leg combos that look twisted, i. e. the torso is facing straight forward while the legs have been rotated by about 45° - that looks just weird. The other issue is about the arms, the shoulders are too broad. I know, its supposed to by puffy clothing but still the anatomy of the shoulders does not look quite right when attached to the body.

The next photos show a plastic Landsknechts compared to a Perry knight and to two metal Landsknechts by Pro Gloria and Foundry. The Warlord Landsknecht is slightly smaller and a touch more delicate but you still can mix them.

If you plan to mix Warlord with GW Empire troops, well, thats how it looks...  

Thats all for now. I think the box provides a good start for building a respectable Landsknecht force but it has some issues.  


  1. Thanks for the review, they are smaller than I would have expected... although still "close enough" that they could be used in their own regiments I guess.

    1. I was a bit disappointed by their size, I thought I could use them with the new Steelfist Landsknechts but probably that wont work.

  2. Wow, surprising. I was excited about these, now not so much. I'm interested in seeing if painted up changes anything for you. Look forward to that soon.


    1. Maybe not so soon ;-) I guess they will mix up nicely with the other Pro Gloria figs but still - Warlord could have done a better job imo.